Follow The Instructions.

Youve probably read these reviews 10 times or more checking and rereading every word looking for the b.s. factor. I came to this site many times because I didnt trust it to be honest–thinking all the reviews were Toxinrid employees…lol This sh1t works. It sucks, but it works. U will have diarrhea out the a$$ literally, but stick to the program. The job I was trying to get was 100k+ and I couldnt chance anything. I got so scared I wouldnt pass I bought synthetic urine, but as luck would have it, after paying for next day delivery ($70), UPS sent it on the wrong truck delaying delivery by a day. The day I needed it might I add, so I was only left relying on this product. I wasnt confident at all. Im 5-11 250lbs and was a high grade thc daily smoker for the past 10 years. Only 13 days clean and I passed. I suggest doing it after work–the water intake is brutal. U need a toilet near trust me. U will have the sh1ts, DO IT! You will be bloated, DO IT. Get the job done. Get the job!