Worked for me

I stopped smoking a week before my experimentation, having smoked a bit every couple days beforehand for a couple weeks. My last screen had popped positive so I knew I’d be screened this time. Got it 4 days before my experimentation so I started on that day. The pills aren’t bad, just big horse pills, and I ate pretty healthy. Avoided cheese and such, ate lots of veggies, chicken, and turkey. Drank lots of water as well. The pills definitely make you poop, lol. It will liquefy your poo, but honestly it wasn’t like the horrid diarrhea you’re probably used to. Just a lot of bathroom trips and peeing out your butt basically. The liquid you have to mix in after you finish all the pills is really gross, though. It makes the water pretty uncomfortable to drink. The fiber drink takes the gross cake though. I swear, I’m traumatized by it, haha. It was absolutely disgusting. But I somehow did it, and the home experimentation was negative! My my pee was really clear so I was worried, but it came out negative too! 4*