No good if you are even close to a daily user

I’m not that of a heavy user at, maybe a small amount every night. After abstaining for two weeks with lots of water and then this program, i still failed my experimentation. Like other reviewers said this WILL give you lots of crapping, while making your stomach uncontrollably loud constantly. You will be shitting water towards the end, and i feel like it was all for nothing after failing my experimentation. Unfortunately i was unable to obtain proof of the results, otherwise i would be pursuing a refund. For me, $110 plus $37 for shipping seemed worth it at the time if it worked, but it didnt. Not for me at least. If you know you will be unsupervised for the experimentation, just buy the purine for $45 and be done with it. I’m lucky i bought it as a backup or i’d be totally screwed.