This sh*t WORKS

No doubt about it, you get what you pay for. I’m a 220 lb guy, 5ft 11in, considerably muscular but a good amount of fat. Basically enough fat to think that it would take at least 2 months for a guy like me to be clean. I was a daily smoker (dabs, flower, edibles) but toned it down a little during the week leading up to starting the detox. I smoked for the last time on Friday night, 6 days before starting the detox. A day before starting the detox I drank copious amounts of 100% cranberry juice and water. Once starting the detox, the diarrhea was inSANE, you live on the toilet. Baby wipes are the only reason I’m alive, I even brought them to work with me. Today is my 4th day of taking it, and I want to finish the 5th, even though I just passed one of those $1 urine experiments from the dollar store. Honestly I can’t beleive I cleaned my urine before finishing the full detox. Pros: It f***ing works. Cons: the price, bloating, diarrhea, taking the pills every hour. Set an alarm for it.