Worth the money, worked in 6 days

Normally, toxin experimentations are not required in my profession, but I had to take an unexpected experimentation, so I wasn’t preparing at all. Furthermore, I’ve smoked medical grade marijuana almost daily for about 3 years; 1-2 joints or equivalent. I am about 5’3″, 140 pounds and am fairly active- high impact yoga about 3-5 times per week. When I got the news that I was required to have a toxin experimentation, I stopped smoking that day (Wednesday), ordered the 7 day detox and had it overnighted. I started jogging along with hot yoga as well as increased fluids and only ate light meals. I started the pills on Thursday. I continued with the product, working out, excessive fluids through Sunday. I ended up accepting a different position and didn’t need to experimentation, but I took a experimentation for my own experimentation on Tuesday and there was a faint negative line. During the cleanse, I lost a lot of water weight and spent a lotttt of time in the bathroom (#1 and #2) but didn’t feel sick or weak. It actually worked! Worth the $