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    Easy to use, most importantly, it works.

    Really simple to use. I luckily had about a month before I needed my hair to be fully toxin-free, so I washed once a day (I have short-ish hair and ended up using two bottles). It all worked out just fine. Thanks guys!

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    It works, don’t wait to order.

    FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and you’ll be good to go. Also, it can be a little tough on color-treated hair so you may want to load up with a fancy conditioner while you’re waiting on this shampoo to do its thing.

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    Pair with Ultra Clean, it’s a solid combo.

    Paired it with the Ultra Clean as suggested, and got the results I needed. Thank you guys so much for this — you’re providing a seriously valuable service that people need. I will order again.

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    Easy to use, got the job done, I’d buy again.

    I’d buy it again! I was nervous about whether it was going to work, but I just got my results and all is well. It was a nerve-wracking couple of days there, but this stuff is worth its weight in gold.

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    Totally worth the money.

    Worth every penny. I was hesitant because I’ve never spent this much on a bottle of shampoo, but it got the job done (and I’m not sure anything else could have made that happen).

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    A shining light for new job anxiety.

    When your new boss wants to check your hair… your heart stops… unless you know you have a bottle of this under your sink. Easy to use, and works fast (you might need to use a couple of times per day if your time is limited .

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    Follow the directions and it’ll work.

    No need to stress about getting the toxins out of your hair — Toxin Rid makes it so freakin simple. Just shampoo, condition, go about your business (and be sure to follow the instructions about changing your pillowcase, etc .

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    Prerequisite for a new job.

    Your lifestyle shouldn’t have to change because you get a new job… and this stuff makes it easy to do what you want on your free time and keep your hair toxin free. Gentle on your hair, too.

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    Super easy to use, even if you’re short on time.

    This could not be any easier to use. If you’re feeling nervous about your toxin level, just up the number of times you shampoo before you need to show up toxin-free. Try to relax — it really does work well.

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    Don’t stress, just buy.

    If I knew about this stuff in college, life would have been a lot less stressful. Sailing into my dream job with toxin-free hair thanks to this product. I appreciate this stuff!