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Wow, so as most of us are, I was skeptical to say the least. I needed to take experimentation for life insurance, not a job however still important that I passed so my rates wouldn’t be 3 times higher! I’m a Male 5′ 11″ with 13% body fat and workout 5-6 days a week, eat well and take many greens etc. I only smoke the highest concentration marijuana every day, albeit only for approximately 3 solid weeks, I tend to cycle on and off etc. I experimented myself before I started the program and as soon as I dipped the experimentation strip in it was an immediate fail, I was freaking out! After just 4 days on the program, I had a negative result (even though the line was faint). I just finished day 8 and experimented again, still the same faint line. After researching I see that a faint line means a negative result so I should be in good shape. I will update if I fail, if not assume I passed! This product works, don’t look elsewhere! Oh, I also drank 3-4 alcoholic drinks daily while on the program!