Detoxing can be intense

With my consumption I should have done the 10 day, i.e. heavy ….for 10 years 3xs a day vaping. Headaches, migraines for me one day, diarrhea for 7 days, many effects just like a health cleanse, & Did lose 3 lbs but I felt out of it. Experimentation thru out made me see the rate of my detox. The experimentation strip would register positive immediately the first 3 days….then by the 7 th day it took longer to detect. I had quit vaping for a week before I got the kit. This is not to do lightly but it made me see the level of toxicity that had built up. The 6 th day I found out they weren’t going to experimentation me again however I did finish out the 7th day and the experimentation strips still read positive..I did not do the next steps so not sure if I would have read I said I think 3 more days would have been best. I think I would use the powder pee if I was going to experiment in the future. This was hard & costs $$$ plus you had to abstain….but if a lot weighs in on you experimenting clean go the level up.