Don’t count on a Urinalysis

I did the 10 day detox, starting about 5 days after my last use, and ending 2 days before I experimented, for a total of 3 weeks and 2 days between notification of the experimentation and the experimentation itself. Had I assumed I would be given a UA, I would have been wrong. The masking products and the fake urine would not have worked, since they did a saliva experimentation. I put myself through the 10 day detox “to be safe.” I was a daily user for many years and wanted to give myself the best shot for passing the experimentation. Fortunately, I experimented negative. Now for the bad news. My blood pressure, recently 110/70, is now in the hypertension 1 zone. Some of that is stress, but I passed a week ago and it still is high. I have to assume the amount of sodium or other ingredients had an impact on dramatically raising the number. At the time of the experimentation, they said they wouldn’t clear me to work because the numbers were so high I could have a stroke. I got the numbers down and got the job but that was a scare.