Failed the experimentation, but did get my money back

Followed detox instructions exactly as listed on the outside label, and still failed a lab urine experimentation. Was a heavy user prior, but had been clean for over 2 full weeks (15-16 days) before even beginning the 5-day detox. Used as instructed, drank nothing but water over these 3 weeks total, and still failed a LabCorp urine experimentation. I am a small person, only 5’4″ and about 123lbs, minimal body fat and high metabolism. The only saving grace was Toxinrid customer service and honoring their 100% money back guarantee. It took a while to process, but I did receive my refund check for the full purchase price of the detox (less shipping charges). After feeling pretty terrible for 5 days, and without even passing my experimentation, I would not recommend to anyone to try this. However, it seems to have worked for many others so could be worth the risk – at least they stand behind their product and honor their guarantee. It must be working for some people, just unfortunately not for me. Toxinrid Comment If you were as heavy as stated you should have done more detox. Perhaps a 7 day program or a 10 day program would have been more suited for your toxin levels.