Get extra days

I used the 7 day detox originally. I had a urinalysis with my job for a promotion, and I was a daily smoker for about 2 years (2-3 bowls per day) and I’ve got some extra weight. Quit smoking for 2 months, was still failing home experimentations. Got the 7 day program and it was easy to follow. Was still failing some home experimentations even after 2 months sober and the 7 day program, so I got an extra 4 days. Definitely spend the money on the 10 day program up front. I had to take my toxin screen the day after the final 4th day, and passed with flying colors. Still experimented myself at home a week later and was still passing. This stuff definitely works, just be realistic and get the longer programs to ensure success. Also I didn’t have time to drink the entire dietary fiber, I mixed it and drank about 4 ounces of it before someone came to talk to me at work, then it was too congealed to get down. Definitely drink that fast because it’s pretty gross.