Heavy User = Heavy Doubts

However, I PASSED!!!! “All day every day” for several, age 55, pretty good physical health. Prior to Detox = four bubblers in two weeks instead of 8-12 per day. Followed instructions well for 10 days, but did have a couple cigars + two nights of medium drinking while detoxing. Very nervous all the way through due to so many failed experimentations at home with standard THC strips to dip in urine. Online support did say that experimentations can be a bit erratic during detox, so best to wait until a day or two after completion. Soooo very happy to have a “day of drink” (I went with XXTRA CLEAN but recommend Mega Clean for piece of mind,). I saw my first definite faint line to show ‘negative’ after consuming the XXTRA CLEAN. I timed it to be at the pee-place 3+ hours after drinking the mix. My pee was a good color of yellow and I got the results 48 hours later that I had passed — the strips at home added confidence during the wait. Expensive product? Yes Expensive shipping? Yes Worth every bit of it? YES!!