I have 30% body fat (obese) and I smoked everyday (not 300 days of the year… 365 days) of pretty high grade marijuana. AT LEAST a gram to a gram and a half. I needed to pass a DOT toxin experimentation and as soon as I got notice, I stopped smoking. At 40 days clean I still failed home toxin experimentations, so I decided to buy the 5 day detox (because I was being experimented on my 53rd day clean) I got the detox on my 50th day, so I could only complete 3 days worth. People say “those detox things only help you pass because of all the water you drink” not true. My specific gravity and Ph were normal – I assume whatever is in the pills or liquids maintains that – and my pee was yellow because I drank a Redbull the morning of my experimentation, which has like 2000% Vitamin B in it. Anyway, this product doesn’t make you go to the bathroom like everyone says (at least it didn’t for me) but it DID make my poop very watery 🙁 Also, the dietary fiber is disgusting – I couldn’t finish it. But, I got my results back and I passed!