Only works if you are not a heavy/long time smoker

I was really hoping this product was going to be my miracle worker. However, after following the program religiously, I took my free THC experimentation to and only saw a faint second line, should I get a job & it was still positive. Most people say to work out while taking this detox, but the directions specifically say that exercise is not recommended. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who is in desperate need of a quick fix for long-time/heavy smoking; it will not work (I’ve been smoking for almost 10 years straight; multiple x’s a day with flower & concentrates). However, if you have plenty of time (3 months or so) to take this detox, and then after the 10-days begin working out and eating clean, you should be able to rid your system of the THC. I am fortunate enough that the company that could have toxin experimented me had not called me back; I would have failed. Maybe if i took the mega cleanse I bought w/ it, I may have passed that day, but I will never know.