Passed my experimentation

I stopped smoking 10 days prior to my experimentation and did the 5 day detox on days 6-10. The pills definitely kept me in the bathroom for a few hours after I finished them each night and the following morning, and they made me a little nauseous while taking-nothing terrible. I was on vacation during days 1-3 of the detox and we were out and about while I was taking the pills. I didn’t have to run to the bathroom or anything thing crazy-it was mostly after I finished taking them for the day. Day 5 of the detox was a full day of feeling disgusting between the pills and the detox liquid. Definitely plan to stay home this day. It’s a 9 hr process between the 5 hours to take the pills, waiting 2 hrs between each half of the detox liquid. And you have to down that nasty fiber drink quick because it gels up. I gagged through it. However I passed my experimentation. Previously I smoked 3-5 times per day, every day, weigh 145 lbs, 5’3″. Definitely recommend this product.