Really works!!!

I bought this product after finding out I’d be doing a supervised urine toxin screen for a new job opportunity. I followed the instructions to the “T” and was worried to death for the whole 5 days. I’m here to say it worked! I was an every day smoker, and I got a new job, thanks to you!!! One word of advice, be prepared for how it affects your system, buy some baby wipes, it has a laxative effect! Eat lots of protein, fiber, drink lots of water. Stay away from alcohol and nicotine, etc. I even stayed away from carbs, fried foods, and red meats. It really does work! Yay, thank you so much! Get the free home experimentation with your kit. Mine was a faint positive on the day of my supervised experimentation PRIOR to taking the last step in the kit, which was supposed to be done an hour before the real experimentation. I was freaking out, but that last step (fiber bottle, chug it fastšŸ¤¢) it worked!!!! I experimented negative for Mary Jane!! I now have a great job! Thank you! Thank you! I just can’t say enough how happy I am!