Stuff Works! Thank you so much!

I thought I had 2 weeks but it ended up being 7 days to pass. Im a 6’0, 190 lb male that has smoked everyday for 10+ years. Im athletic but I have extra bodyfat and a super slow metabolism so I was skeptical this would work in time. I followed the instructions and felt the affects immediately. Dont go too far from the bathroom. When they say it acts as a laxative theyre not kidding. I drank tons of water and tried to eat well but my appetite was minimum. I didnt exercise like they said and hit the sauna 3-4 times during the week. I got extra home experimentations to track my progress and on day 5 it showed faintly on the negative line. I drank the detox liquid the day before the experimentation and passed on the fiber b/c I got the day-of detox drink. Morning of the experimentation, drank the drink and when I arrived at the experimentation, experimented myself and had the same faint line so I was kinda worried. Anyways I passed! It’s pricey b/c it works! Paid close to $500 with the exchange rate but its well worth it to have a new job