Thanks for my New Career

I could not be happier with your 10 Day Detox product. As a heavy chronic user I was very scared when I was told I would need a experimentation for my new job. Fortunately, I had a little over 10 days before I needed to take the experimentation. I purchased extra experimentation strips so I could monitor my process. I experimented myself when I got my package and failed. Six days in I had a faint line which technically is a pass. On day 11, one day after completing the program I experimented at home again and had a solid pass. I went to the clinic and took the real experimentation. I just got my passing results back and wanted to thank you so much for making it possible for me to get this job! The product was expensive and the trips to the bathroom were not that fun but all in all well worth saving my career. Best Regards, Kristy