Worth every dollar!

I had a toxin experimentation coming up for school so I quit smoking 3 weeks prior to starting my detox. The detox was brutal do to taking 15 pills a day over the course of 5 hours, but it was all worth it. I took my home toxin experimentation on the 9th day & it said positive, with no faint line on the experimentation strip. So I was extremely nervous thinking I was screwed & would not pass my experimentation. I contacted experimentation Clear & they assured me that my home experimentation may have been faulty because the experimentation strip should’ve had appeared at least a little. So I went on & took my experimentation… What do you know… I PASSED my 10 panel toxin experimentation! I was ecstatic & thankful to Toxin Rid for selling a great product!! I highly recommend Toxin Rid products!