A sure way to pass a toxin experimentation

I have been a heavy user for the last 4-5 years, using multiple times/day. Before using this detox I was still experimenting positive after a month in a half of being clean with a job interview and toxin experimentation in the near future. Stressed and exhausting all other options, I came across experimentation clear. I was a non believer thinking 200 bucks might be a scam esp for desperate people. After reading reviews I decided to give it a shot. $200 is worth the ease of mind and a great job. I experimented myself a couple days after finishing and I was in the clear! I made sure to drink a gallon or more of water/day, no working out. I switched up the diet and ate healthier foods. You will pee and poop a lot! Be ready! I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about getting clean and willing to stick to a regimented diet.