The Detox SUCKS but it REALLY WORKS!

I was heavy smoker for the past 3 years and I was on and off after I graduated from college in the spring. I took off a month, smoked for 2 weeks, took off another 2 and got a phone call for a second interview. After not hearing back for one week, I decided to smoke for 8 days straight. Turns out I got the job the very next day and had to take a pre-employment toxin experimentation. I decided to buy the 10-day toxin rid detox but soon found out I had 6 days before my toxin experimentation. I was only able to complete 5 days of the program but at the end of Day 5, my at home toxin experimentation showed a faint negative line. I threw up the dietary fiber the morning of the experimentation because it was complete sludge so I decided to drink 3 16 oz glasses of water an hour before. I had the powdered urine kit as my back up which I ended up combing with my own pee because the vial provided was not enough. I followed the detox instructions to a T and took the pills 11 AM – 3 PM all 5 days. The shits are unreal but I ate super healthy and stayed away from fried and fatty foods. If you have the time, get this product! I passed my pre-employment toxin experimentation with flying colors and got my dream job!