Daily user about 2-3 times per day (did oil and vape). Did the 5 day program and after the pills and the detox liquid (not the fiber powder or mega clean drink yet) I experimenting negative. Some important tips: Day 1 and end of day 5 hard, stay close to bathroom, expect some bloating, lots of bubbles in your tummy and diarrhea. If you exercise expect only doing 30-45 minutes before feeling a bit dizzy- keep it to light weight lifting/ light cardio. Since it is highly recommended you take it at the same time each day consider a good time to start and end. For me 12-4pm worked best as I didn’t have to worry about waking up too early/staying up too late. This helps on day 5 when you have 4 hours of work to do after your last dose of pills. Keep some pills in your purse/wallet for times you are out and need to take it. I put timer on my phone every hour to remember. Overall felt a lot better! Price is high but remember experimenting itself has changed so use the latest and greatest! Good luck!