I purchased this with the utmost skepticism! The last time I smoked was last Wednesday and after following the directions to the T I had a faintly negative experimentation as of today. Taking the pills was easy! The Detox Liquid was like chugging concentrated ocean water, i recommend CHILLING it so it goes down a little easier (though its a quick shot.) I couldn’t stomach the Fiber Drink (I tried). I’m not sure if I did that part wrong, but it was like a thickened, disgusting soupy oatmeal. REGARDLESS it was totally worth all of this so that I can pass a pre-employment screen tomorrow. I did supplement with some Niacin (flush free) my first few days and I forced myself to do things that made me sweat like a mad woman. I am positive that anyone could be successful if they perform the detox correctly and also take extra steps in their personal lives to ensure that they pass. Thank you for such a great product!